Board of Directors

NEKCA Board of Directors

Jordan Corrow, Chair
Brian Keith, Vice Chair
Linda Gochie, Treasurer
Kyle Chadburn, Secretary
Nancy Fried
Hannah Goguen
Goerge Sales
Katie Martin
Angela Rutherford
Bill Hawkins

NEKCA Board Calendar for 2022









NEKCA Boad Meeting:  February 16, 2022

TIME: 5:30 PM

LOCATION: Teams Meeting/115

DATE Lincoln Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

TEAMS LINK: Click here to join the meeting


+1 802-673-1243,,855717016#   ID: 855 717 016#

Members of the public may join the tele-conference or listen to the call

NEKCA Mission Statement: To empower all generations in the Northeast Kingdom to grow, prosper and thrive.

  1. Call to Order (5 minutes)  Jordan Corrow, Board Chair
  2. Roll Call

Linda Gochie                                          George Sales                                       Hannah Goguen

Katie Martin                                           Bill Hawkins                                         Nancy Fried

Angela Rutherford                                Brian Keith                                           Kyle Chadburn

Chris Damato

  1. Special Presentation (20 minutes)

Report on Housing: Joy Ely, Deputy Director, will present a high-level overview of the current housing work that NEKCA is involved with.

III. Consent Agenda (5 minutes)

The Consent Agenda consists of items that are considered routine and non-controversial. These items are approved in one motion unless a member of the Board or the Public requests removal of a particular item. If comment or discussion is requested, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered in the order listed – Action Item

  1. Minutes from the January 26, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting
  2. December 2021 CACFP Claims Summary Meals Report
  3. Head Start / Early Head Start February 2022 Enrollment Reports and November 2021 Modified Budget to Actual Reports
  1. New Business
  2. Board Composition –Inform(5 minutes)                                   Jordan Corrow, Board Chair
  3. Board Committees – Action Item(10 minutes)                        Jordan Corrow, Board Chair
  4.  Committee Schedule
  5. Update on Audit Schedule- Inform(10 minutes)                       Linda Lotti, Director of Finance
  6. Presentation of Development Program – Inform   August Kvam, Development Director
  7. Website update – Inform   August Kvam, Developmemt Director
  8. NEKCA Fiscal Manual Policy Change – Under Authorizations and Purchasing Limits. – Action

Add Associate Director/Deputy Director – approval of invoices up to $3500, CM up to $1000, Director over $5000                                                              Linda Lotti, Director of Finance

  1. Committee/Policy Council Reports Nancy Powers/Nancy Fried/Angela Rutherford
  2. Finance Committee – Rescheduled until 2/23                               Linda Lotti, Director of Finance
  3. Executive Director Report
  4. ED Report for February 2022 – Inform (20 minutes)                 Jenna O’Farrell, Executive Director
  5. Johnsbury move
  6. Legislative Update
  7. Facilities Manager new hire

VII. Board Member Comments/Other (10 minutes)

VIII. Closed Session executive session for personnel issue (10 minutes)

  1. Closed Session Report executive session end – return to open meeting
  2. Next Scheduled Board of Directors Meeting

5:30 pm Wednesday, April 27, 2022

  1. Adjournment

If you have questions about board membership please contact Amy Burbo, Human Resources Director at or 802.334.7316 ext. 216