Policy Council

Policy Council

Child and Family Development Program

Head Start / Early Head Start & Partnership Program

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your child’s education or the early education services in our community?

Policy Council, which is made up primarily of parents, works in partnership with key management staff and the governing body of NEKCA to develop, review, and approve all program policies, procedures and hiring of program staff. Policy Council meets once a month (virtually or in-person), there is a childcare and transportation reimbursement to be able to attend as well as a meal served for in-person meetings.

Policy Council is responsible for approval of funding applications, reviewing and approving program budgets, revision of By-Laws, approval of hiring and firing of program staff, approval of all Content Area Plans, reviewing parent activities to ensure quality educational opportunities are occurring and acting as a link to the parents/guardians in all center locations.

How to become a Policy Council Representative?

Parents/Guardians Representatives: Elected by parents in the program through Parent Committee Meetings. Let your Center Manager know you are interested!

Community Representatives: Approved by Policy Council members. If interested call a HS/EHS representative listed on the website and we can submit your name for recommendation.

What are the benefits?

Learn leadership skills, have fun meeting new people, build relationships, develop your resume, attend training opportunities.